Whether you have a dog that needs a mid day potty break or a fun play session, MUTTS UP can provide enrichment for your dog while you are away for extended times during the day.  Life can get busy and Fido isn't always able to come along for the ride.  With our K9 Play & Enrichment Session, there is no need to worry about finding care for your beloved canine while you're at work or dancing the night away at your best friend's wedding!  

K9 Potty Break Drop In Service (15 minutes) - $10.00 + GST

K9 Play & Enrichment Session (30 minutes) - $20.00 + GST

K9 Play & Enrichment Session (60 minutes) - $25.00 + GST

*K9 Play & Enrichment Sessions include a log journal, treats, potty break, & water bowl refresh



Having a puppy and having to work full time can be a stressful ordeal for new puppy owners.  If only your work provided "Pupternity Leave"!  With our Puppy Drop In service, we provide potty breaks, playtime, enrichment, safe socialization outings, and training that is appropriate for your puppy's age.  Training will address areas such as body handling, bite inhibition, crate training, polite greetings, jumping, puppy biting, and focus on instilling good manners.  Puppies are sponges and constantly learning about the world around them.  The benefits of hiring a professional dog trainer to drop in on your puppy are tremendous!    

Puppy Drop In Session (30 minutes) - $25.00 + GST

Puppy Drop In Session (60 minutes) - $35.00 + GST

*Puppy Drop In services include a log journal, treats, socialization checklist, potty training log and water bowl  refresh



Yes, we take care of cats too!  Cats are pretty independent but they also deserve some TLC as well.  Let us scoop the litter, refresh the water bowls, feed, play, and deliver extra chin scratches to your beloved feline.  It's the purrrrfect option if you're planning a weekend getaway, short business trip, or vacation!

Fuzzy Feline Drop In Service (15 minutes) - $10.00 + GST

Fuzzy Feline Play & Enrichment (30 minutes) - $20.00 + GST

Fuzzy Feline Play & Enrichment (60 minutes) - $25.00 + GST

*Fuzzy Feline Play & Enrichment services include a log journal, treats, litter scoop, and water bowl refresh