Photo By Ryan McGuire

Photo By Ryan McGuire

Cranky Canine - 90 minute Session (for special dogs showing fear, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression)

Your neighbourhood walks are far from peaceful with your pooch.  You run into feisty flare ups as your dog talks smack to every other dog or stranger in sight.  According to your dog, every passing skateboard, scooter, bike, or jogger is out to dognap them.  They growl when you take their toy or bone away, or bark at the mailman or house guests.  Having a cranky dog is stressful and can really diminish the joy in your relationship.  More importantly, the snarky behaviours exhibited can seriously escalate and compromise the safety of your dog and everyone else around them.  During our initial session, we will discuss your concerns and your dog's history in detail.  I will customize a training plan implementing humane methods to help you manage and modify unwanted behaviours.  I will teach you handling skills to keep your dog feeling safe and equip them with life skills to help build confidence and diminish their insecurities around the things that upset them.  Cranky Canine sessions will help you understand your dog's behaviour, teach you how to read dog body language, improve your handling and communication skills, and increase your own confidence as well as your dog's.

Get help with:

  • reactivity towards people (lunging, barking, growling)
  • reactivity towards dogs on or off leash (lunging, barking, growling)
  • reactivity in home when people or dogs walk by the house (lunging & barking from windows/fences within the home)
  • reactivity towards visitors in the home (lunging & barking at visitors inside the home)
  • reactivity towards moving objects (e.g. cars, skateboards, wheelchairs, bikes, etc...)
  • fear of noises (e.g. thunder, fireworks, blowdryer, oven timer etc...)
  • fear of objects (e.g. nail trimmers, ceiling fans, vacuum, stairs, novel items etc...)
  • fear of strangers and family members including children
  • fear of environments (e.g. vet's office, car rides, crates, slippery surfaces, crowds etc...)

Cranky Canine Session (90 minutes) - $127.50 + GST

*Cranky Canine Follow Up Session (60 minutes) - $85.00 + GST 

*Package of 3 Follow Up Sessions - $229.50 + GST (Save 10%!)

*Package of 6 Follow up Sessions - $433.50 + GST (Save 15%!)

*It is highly recommended that follow up sessions are booked in advance after the initial consultation is completed to ensure the follow through on training plans recommended and to determine if any changes need to be made.  The amount of follow up sessions will be suggested after the initial session and will depend on the dog's needs and are always at the owner's discretion.  Success will depend on effective implementation of training plans, owner compliance, and consistency.  All sessions include lifetime email and phone support.