Photo By  Andrzej Pobiedziński

Photo By Andrzej Pobiedziński

Growly Hounds Club - Weekly Meet Up For Reactive Canines  

Do you have a dog that lunges and barks at every dog or every person in sight?  Are you tired of being accosted by off leash dogs and their humans who don't seem to understand your dog's need for space?  Do you get frustrated when strangers reach out to pet your fearful dog without asking, then make you feel bad or embarrassed when your dog reacts by slinking away or barking?

At Growly Hounds Club, you will meet up with other reactive dog owners in a controlled and safe setting under the supervision of two professional dog trainers at all times.  One visit entitles you to a 60 minute session with your very own professional dog trainer by your side.  Work on your handling skills and learn how to safely manage and modify your dog's behaviour so you and your dog can gain the confidence you need.  To give the dogs a break in between controlled trigger exposures, we throw in some nose work activities, relaxation mat work, and more.  

Why join the Growly Hounds Club?

  • we provide a supportive and safe setting for you and your dog 
  • we carefully plan set ups with environmental control to help reduce stress and enable learning
  • you and your dog take part in a 60 minute session that consists of trigger set ups, nose work, mat work, and more...
  • you and your dog will receive personalized one on one coaching with a professional trainer during your session
  • you get an opportunity to meet up with other reactive dog owners and know that you are not alone
  • you'll learn and practice safe management skills
  • you'll learn how to safely modify your dog's behaviour 
  • you'll learn how to empower your dog and teach them skills so they can be a well mannered, confident canine ambassador
  • you'll get access to a private, members-only Growly Hounds Club Facebook group where you will receive lifetime support, tips, shared success stories, and so much more

Is my dog suited for the Growly Hounds Club?

  • Yes, if your dog is fearful or shy around other dogs or people
  • Yes, if your dog is reactive/acts aggressive towards other dogs
  • Yes, if your dog is reactive/acts aggressive towards people
  • Yes, if your dog is reactive/acts aggressive towards moving objects or novel things
  • Yes, if your dog has gone through "Cranky Canine" sessions with us and you would like to practice and keep up your handling skills  

I want in!  How do I join the Growly Hounds Club?

The ideal Growly Hounds Club member has had at least one private "Cranky Canine" session with us, (see under "Services").  A Cranky Canine session will help us assess your dog's suitability for this club.  We will go over the basics including safety, use of appropriate equipment, and learning theory.  We will also provide an introduction to management and show you the handling skills we will be using to help modify your dog's behaviour.   

When and where does Growly Hounds Club take place?

The Growly Hounds Club takes places outdoors in specially chosen locations and may vary each week.  Weather permitting.

How much does it cost?

Growly Hounds Club 60 minute session - $45.00 + GST

Growly Hounds Club 4 Pack Punch Card (4x 60 Minute prepaid visits) - $171.00 (Savings of 5%)

Growly Hounds Club 8 Pack Punch Card (8x 60 Minute prepaid visits) - $324.00 (Savings of 10%)