Photo By Daniel Nanescu

Photo By Daniel Nanescu

Old Dog, New Tricks - 60 minute Session (for adult dogs 2+ years old)

Whether you rescued your canine companion from a shelter or watched your puppy grow, it is never too late to teach them good manners.  We want our dogs to learn how to navigate the world around them with confidence.  Get hands on coaching on how to properly manage unwanted behaviours your dog has learned over time, and how to train new desirable behaviours using effective positive reinforcement mechanics. 

Areas you might need help with include:

  • Refresh Lessons On Basic Cues (Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Touch)
  • House Manners (Door Greetings, "Place" Cue, Kitchen Etiquette etc.)
  • Jumping
  • Walking On A Loose Leash
  • Accepting Husbandry Practices Such As Grooming And Vet Visits
  • Providing Adequate Enrichment (Mental Stimulation)

Old Dog, New Tricks Session (60 minutes) - $85.00 + GST

*Old Dog, New Tricks Follow Up Session (60 minutes) - $65.00 + GST 

*Package of 3 Follow Up Sessions - $175.50 + GST (Save 10%!)

*Package of 6 Follow up Sessions - $331.50 + GST (Save 15%!)

*It is highly recommended that follow up sessions are booked in advance after the initial consultation is completed to ensure the follow through on training plans recommended and to determine if any changes need to be made.  The amount of follow up sessions will be suggested after the initial session and will depend on the dog's needs and are always at the owner's discretion.  Success will depend on effective implementation of training plans and owner compliance and consistency.  All sessions include lifetime email and phone support.