Photo By Emily Gestrin

Photo By Emily Gestrin

Puppy Preschool - 90 minute Session (for new puppies 8-11 weeks old)

After months of waiting, your new puppy has finally arrived home.  Now what?  Your puppy is a giant sponge, learning about the new world around them with every waking moment.  We will go over what to expect with your new puppy and what you need to do to ensure that your new furry addition grows up to be the best canine citizen on the block .  Get one on one invaluable coaching that will give you a head start before you take your pup to group classes. 

Topics discussed will include:

  • Name Association
  • Crate Training
  • House Training (Potty Training)
  • Safe Socialization 
  • Sights & Sounds 
  • Basic Nutrition 
  • How To Feed Your Puppy 
  • Humane Handling 
  • Vet Visits 
  • Bite Inhibition 
  • Safe Equipment 
  • Appropriate Toys 
  • Dog Parks 
  • Engagement

Your Puppy Preschool session includes one additional complimentary 60 minute follow up session that you can book at a later date. 

Puppy Preschool Session (90 minutes) - $145.00 + GST ( includes 1 complimentary 60 minute follow up session. Session value worth over $190!)

*Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes) - $65.00 + GST

*Package of 3 Follow Up Sessions - $175.50 + GST (Save 10%!)

*Package of 6 Follow up Sessions - $331.50 + GST (Save 15%!)

*It is highly recommended that follow up sessions are booked in advance after the initial consultation is completed to ensure the follow through on training plans recommended and to determine if any changes need to be made.  The amount of follow up sessions will be suggested after the initial session and will depend on the dog's needs and are always at the owner's discretion.  Success will depend on effective implementation of training plans and owner compliance and consistency.  All sessions include lifetime email and phone support.