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Each training program starts with an initial consultation in the comfort of your home.  We will get to know you and your dog, address your expectations, goals, and any concerns you may have.  I will customize a detailed training plan for you to follow,  with an emphasis on meeting both of your needs.  If suitable, we can also work in public places so you and your dog can gain the confidence to comfortably handle real life situations.  Humane solutions will be suggested to help manage unwanted behaviours to start, as we gradually work towards teaching your dog appropriate behaviours that you would like to see more of. Manners and life skills will be taught using positive reinforcement without the use of force, pain, or intimidation.  We implement safe techniques so your whole family can take part in your dog's journey.  

PUPPY PRESCHOOL (For new puppies 8 weeks - 12 weeks old)

PUPPY MADNESS! (for puppies 12 weeks - 6 months old)

TEENAGE TANTRUM (for young dogs 7 months – 2 years old)

OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS (for adult dogs 2+ years old)

CRANKY CANINE (for special dogs showing fear, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression)

MUTTS UP WITH MY PUP (for dog guardians who want to design their own program)

GROWLY HOUNDS CLUB (weekly meet ups for reactive canines) 


Servicing Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and North Burnaby.  For service outside of these municipalities, an additional travel fee may apply.